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How Candle Essence Came To Be...

"Better Ingredients Make Better Candles"
I started Candle Essence in 2021 because I wanted to do something I truly enjoy while also supplementing my income. I've always had a love for scented candles, so I decided to dive into candle making. It was during my research that I discovered just how unhealthy and toxic traditional candles can be, especially those made from paraffin wax. Organic soy wax turned out to be a much healthier option to burn. And of course, I wanted to make sure the fragrances I used were also safe and healthy. After some digging, I sourced fragrance oils that are infused with essential oils and free from any harmful chemicals or toxins. It took a lot of trial and error, but I'm proud to say that I've created my own line of "clean" burning candles and wax melts. I'm now on a mission to spread the word and build my brand. Every purchase means the world to me, and I genuinely can't wait to hear your feedback. So, welcome to the world of Candle Essence by Judy! Once you try my candles, I guarantee you'll be hooked. Trust me, there's just something special about the difference they make in your space. Get ready to ignite your new candle obsession - and remember, I am always here for your next order!

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Please contact me via email with any questions, comments, or if you need some help with ordering. Custom orders are always welcome! I can make custom orders for any occasion including: Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Holidays, etc.
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